Featured Song: Arcana

Let’s hear some more “relaxing metal” from Edenbridge!

This post is the second stop on our journey through Edenbridge’s often-lengthy masterpieces that started with “My Last Step Beyond”. Today’s piece is the title track of Edenbridge’s second album, Arcana.

There is a sense is which this song is “more of the same” as “My Last Step Beyond”, both in terms of song structure and the overall feel, but I just find this style so enjoyable that I felt “Arcana” was worth featuring as well. The highlight of the song for me is the the passage between the two guitar solos in the second half: starting with a short, laid-back, contemplative passage set to acosutic guitar, then Sabine coming in to sing the first verse quoted below accompanied by mellow electric guitar, before transitioning to full orchestration and Sabine’s voice soaring high to achieve that signature mix of sound.

Featured lyrics:

Thorns of roses that I feel
Secrecy under the seal
Hear the tolling of the bell
Bring me under your spell

See the mysteries in twilight
They’re turning away
From darkness to light
(Into infinity)

Hope you’ve enjoyed it! Full lyrics can be found here.

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