Featured Song: My Last Step Beyond

I’ve introduced Edenbridge a few weeks ago, with the selection, “Winter Winds”, being inspired by the weather of the day.

I could probably say wonderful things about almost any Edenbridge song, but there are a handful that stand out to me as my very favourites. I’m going to embark on featuring each one in turn, roughly in chronological order of release.

For starters, here is “My Last Step Beyond”, from their debut album Sunrise in Eden.

Edenbridge have a habit of including a 10-minute (or longer) song on each of their albums; it’s not uncommon for these songs to be among my favourites (you may have noticed that I like long songs; I find they give composers the space to develop their topics thematically and musically in a way that your average 3-minute song cannot). In any case, for Sunrise in Eden, this song would be it.

Edenbridge put the 10 minutes of “My Last Step Beyond” to great use. The song starts with a pair of guitar sequences, one morphing into the other, that set the tone very effectively. A relatively ordinary verse/chorus passage follows (the weakest part of the song, but it gets better!), which then, with another short guitar sequence and a symphony of bells, transitions into a quiet, contemplative instrumental stretch. Slowly building tension, this eventually erupts into a beautiful piano solo, topped off with a guitar solo (can’t have an Edenbridge song without one of those!). Finally, it’s time for my favourite part: Sabine’s soaring, ethereal vocals bringing the song to a very satisfying conclusion.

This song is a great example of one of the things I like so much about Edenbridge: the way they put an adventurous spin on whatever they sing about – in this case, crossing into the afterlife.

Featured lyrics:

The guardian angels, they’re calling my name
An astral dream in the sky?
They’re dancing at the carnival of souls
They dance into the light, into eternal light

I’m singing the tune in unison with angels
In the key of Lordian harmony
The journey has an end
I’m waiting in command
Never to contend

(No, I don’t know what “Lordian harmony” means. It could be a religious reference (as in “harmony of the Lord”), or perhaps a shout-out to the little-known metal band Lordian Guard).

Full lyrics can be found in the video’s description.

The journey will continue!

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