Featured Song: Pain

I’m going to stray into the world of alternative rock again, with another song from Jimmy Eat World.

I’ve previously featured “Hear You Me” from their album Bleed American. Today’s selection is from their subsequent 2004 album, Futures.

Futures is a darker album than Bleed American, and that really shows through in today’s song, “Pain”, which is probably one of Jimmy Eat World’s angstiest works to date. Naturally, it is precisely this intensity that makes me like the song so much.

Lyrics and discussion can be found here.

I’m also going to give mention to a very memorable acoustic cover of this song that I came across on YouTube:

I find this cover very unique because, it addition to the cover artists obviously being quite talented, their interpretation of the song gives rise to a cover that has a very different sound and atmosphere from the original song, and yet is still very compelling. Kudos to them!

Featured Song: Hear You Me

All the music I’ve featured so far has been metal, but I also enjoy some alternative rock from time to time.

Today I thought I’d share a song by Jimmy Eat World. Like many alt-rock bands that I like, I discovered Jimmy Eat World through the T.V. show One Tree Hill, which I used to watch back in the day, and which made it a point to feature decent music in its soundtrack.

“Hear You Me”, from their breakout album Bleed American, is definitely one of Jimmy Eat World’s more low-key pieces. It’s said to be written in memory of two girls who ran a fan club for contemporary alt-rock band Weezer and pased away in a tragic car accident.

Featured lyrics:

And if you were with me tonight
I’d sing to you just one more time
A song for a heart so big,
God wouldn’t let it live

Ah, such a sad and beautiful song!

Full lyrics and discussion can be found here.