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A response to “Net Neutrality. No big deal.”

I recently watched this video titled “Net Neturality. No big deal.” by Bryan Lunduke. I watched this video because, while I am in favour of Net Neutrality, and concerned about the impending repeal of Net Neutrality regulations in the United … Continue reading

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Trip Report: C++ Standards Meeting in Albuquerque, November 2017

Summary / TL;DR Project What’s in it? Status C++17 See below Publication imminent Library Fundamentals TS v2 source code information capture and various utilities Published! Concepts TS Constrained templates Merged into C++20 with some modifications Parallelism TS v2 Task blocks, … Continue reading

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Featured Song: Elysium

Recently, I’ve been flirting with progressive metal – or at least, symphonic / power metal with significant progressive influences. The more recent albums of Stratovarius (who I’ve featured several times before) – particularly the ones after guitarist Timo Tolkki’s 2008 … Continue reading

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