Featured Song: Paranoid Android

Some non-metal, for a change 🙂

Today’s selection is “Paranoid Android”, from Radiohead‘s 1997 album OK Computer.

I discovered this song in my teenage years, when a passage from a cover of it (by Sia Furler) was featured on the soundtrack of The O.C., a T.V. show that was popular at the time.

This passage – beginning at 3:39 in the video below – is still my favourite from the song; a beautiful symphony of vocals, choir, strings, and piano. The rest of the song is quite different in tone, and in fact, when I first listened to the whole song, I found these other sections unappealing, even amusical. Over time, however, the song has come to grow on me, and I now appreciate it in its entirety for the diverse, sophisticated piece that it is.

I’m quite partial to the Sia cover, mostly because I like the orchestration of this symphonic passage better in it, and that’s what the video below features, but of course the original version by Radiohead is very much worth checking out as well.

Lyrics and plenty of analysis can be found here.


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