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Featured Song: Elysian Night

I chanced upon the band Draconian while browsing YouTube a few weeks ago.

Draconian’s music features a fair amount of growling vocals, which I’m not generally a fan of, but I nevertheless got into several of their songs. (You might think, given that the last song I featured also has some growls, that they’re starting to grow on me after all. They’re not, I just sometimes look past them and don’t let them prevent me from enjoying an otherwise great song.)

The slow, contemplative style of metal that Draconian play is sometimes described as “doom metal”. This is my first foray into the genre, and while it’s a bit of a departure from the symphonic material I usually listen to, I do rather like it.

The song I’m sharing today is called “Elysian Night”, from Draconian’s most recent released album A Rose for the Apocalypse. I love the heavy atmosphere it conjures!

The song’s title is a reference to the Elysian Fields, a conception of heaven from Greek mythology.

Featured lyrics:

I can’t go on with the quiet
To wait until we wake up
To be gone with the fire
I must go now

Full lyrics here.

Hope you’ve enjoyed it! I promise to post several thoroughly non-growly songs next 🙂