Featured Song: The Siren of the Woods

I introduced Therion a while ago when I featured “Lemuria”, a song I’ve liked for a long time. Today, I’d like to share a more recent discovery from their corpus, “The Siren of the Woods” from the 1996 album Theli.

Mostly an instrumental song, it does contain a few vocal passages, sung in the extinct Akkadian language. The translation, which can be found in a comment on this lyrics page, hints at mythological themes, as is par for the course for Therion.

10 minutes long, the piece starts off very chill and low-key, and actually stays relatively mellow throughout, but it does come alive a bit over time with the gradual addition or orchestral and choral elements and electric guitar. Not an epic in the conventional sense, but still deserving of the name, I think!

Here it is, artfully set by a fan to clips of majestic nature scenes:



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