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Featured Song: United

This song has been stuck in my head all week, so I couldn’t not feature it 🙂 It’s from the 2005 self-titled album of Stratovarius, from whom we’ve heard before. In a break from most of the songs in this … Continue reading

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Featured Song: Tear the World Down

The very first band I featured in this series was Evanescence, whom I’ve described as my “gateway” to symphonic metal. While I’ve largely moved on to bands more firmly in that genre, I still like Evanescence, and I was excited … Continue reading

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Featured Song: Hear You Me

All the music I’ve featured so far has been metal, but I also enjoy some alternative rock from time to time. Today I thought I’d share a song by Jimmy Eat World. Like many alt-rock bands that I like, I … Continue reading

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Trip Report: C++ Standards Meeting in Lenexa, May 2015

Summary / TL;DR   Project What’s in it? Status C++14 C++14 Published! C++17 Various minor features. More substantial features under consideration include default comparisons and operator . On track for 2017 Networking TS Sockets library based on Boost.ASIO In late … Continue reading

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