Featured Song: Run Away

Some of my favourite bands, like Nightwish and Within Temptation, I’ve been a fan of for many years; others, I discovered more recently. Stream of Passion falls into this second category – they’re a relatively new find for me.

In contrast to the fantasy themes we’ve seen from some of the bands I’ve featured previously, Stream of Passion’s songs touch on more “down to earth” topics like human pain and desire, but they do so with a great deal of eloquence and, well, passion, and the resulting music is, in my opinion, no less epic.

Stream of Passion have released four studio albums to date, and I enjoy each one of them, but the second one, The Flame Within is my favourite – its songs speak to me in a way that not much other music does. I expect to feature several of them in due course.

As an introduction, here’s “Run Away”. The first three-quarters of this song is very calm compared to the Stream of Passion norm, with little metal instrumentation. This allows the listener to enjoy the voice of singer Marcela Bovio without too much distraction, and to reflect quietly on the song’s themes of loneliness and fear. Tension builds up in the meantime, though, and is released very satisfyingly in the song’s last minute, with the heavier instrumentation coming in to provide a suitable backdrop.

There’s something magical about moments in a song when there’s a sudden increase in intensity; I could listen to this part over and over again and not get bored of it.

Featured lyrics:

My loneliness is wrapped in fear,
it’s taking the lead, so I’m gonna stay
behind the comfort of a dream.
I want to get near, but I gotta say
it’s so much easier to run away.

Full lyrics can be found here.


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