Featured Song: Hurt So Bad

I’ve been to a Nightwish concert this week (with Delain and Sabaton opening for them), which was pretty awesome! It was my second time seeing them live, and my first seeing them with Floor at the helm, which means it was also my first time hearing some of my favourite Tarja-era songs, like Ever Dream (and others, for which stay tuned!) live, and that was quite something!

I’ve just featured a Nightwish song a couple of weeks ago, though, so today let’s explore some new horizons.

Krypteria is a German symphonic/gothic metal band that I came across fairly recently. Most of their songs haven’t resonated with me greatly (although it can sometimes take repeated listening to warm up to the sound and style of a new band, so it might just be a matter of time), but the song “(How Can Something So Good) Hurt So Bad” from their latest album All Beauty Must Die stood out to me.

This song could almost be a pop rock ballad (in fact, when I first heard it I thought that it surely must be a cover, only to look into it and discover that it was an original song 🙂 ), but it has a couple of surprises in store for the listener in the last minute or so: first a choir kicks in, adding their voices to the lead singer’s, and then a solo-like guitar passage is layered over the last repetition of the chorus, making for a rather epic ending. Way to go!

Lyrics can be found here.


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