Featured Song: Restless

Within Temptation is known for their big, dramatic sound and sweeping orchestral arrangements, but sometimes a very simple song can be quite powerful, too.

Restless, from Within Temptation’s first album Enter (lesser-known than the others because it preceded their rise to fame), is such a simple but powerful song.

The minor key, the curiously bouncy but still flowing piano line, Sharon’s thin high voice, and versatile use of dynamics conspire to produce a sombre atmosphere that complements the song’s “haunted” theme wonderfully. The guitar solo in the middle of the song, while not as intricate as Edenbridge’s guitar solos, is surprisingly intense – the highlight of the song for me.

This video is the album version of the song; it’s also worth checking out the acoustic version performed at Within Temptation’s Black Symphony concert, where the change in instrumentation provides an interesting take on the piece.

Lyrics and discussion can be found here. Enjoy!


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