Featured Song: Lemuria

Therion is a very interesting symphonic metal band from Sweden. They have a very versatile sound which has evolved over their 20+ year career, but a common theme in their work seems to be mythological and occult themes – as already evident from their name, which is short for “To Mega Therion” (“the great beast” in Greek), which is a reference to the Book of Revelation.

Today’s song, the title of track of their album Lemuria, is no exception, mentioning as it does things like the “Land of Mu” and “Narayana the seven-headed one”. “Lemuria” itself is a mythological buried continent (think Atlantis), supposedly in the Indian Ocean, which sailors have historically been drawn to try to find, only to meet their demise in treacherous waters.

I think Therion did a really great job creating a surreal, hypnotic atmosphere that fits well with the song’s subject matter. Certainly not the sort of song you hear every day!

Featured lyrics:

In the ocean
Deep down
Under raging waves
Wrapped in memories
You’ll find
Wrecks of stately ships
They all went astray

Full lyrics and some discussion here. Enjoy!


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