Featured Song: Winter Skies

Winter is still in full gear in Toronto, whether it’s manifesting as near-record-breaking -35 degree wind chills earlier this week, or snowfall that’s holding up traffic this weekend, so I thought I’d feature another seasonally inspired song.

I’ve been a Stratovarius fan for a long time (and in fact, I’ve featured a song by them in this series already), but I’ve only started listening to their post-Tolkki albums recently, and this song, “Winter Skies” from Polaris, is a new discovery for me.

I love what Stratovarius have done with the song structure here: it starts off as a relatively ordinary song, winding down into an outro-sounding passage about two thirds into the song, tricking you into to believing the song is over – only to come back to life and erupt into an incredibly awesome guitar solo. The last few phrases of the guitar solo are layered over a choral passage, creating a uniquely epic sound!

Lyrics can be found here.

Hope you’ve enjoyed it!

P.S. Dear weather overlords: I’m out of winter-themed songs to feature. Kindly take a hint.


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