Featured Song: Winter Winds

Today’s featured song is by Edenbridge, an Austrian symphonic metal band.

Edenbridge may not be as well known as Within Temptation or Nightwish, but they’re a true gem, and I’m really glad I stumbled onto them (I don’t remember exactly how; I think their songs “Shine” and “Wild Chase” were included in a compilation of some sort that I came across). Despite being a metal band, their songs have a peaceful, serene quality to them, which together with their signature guitar solos and Sabine Edelsbacher’s soothing vocals make a combination that really captivates me.

The song is “Winter Winds”, a timely choice for a day like today when said winds are cooling Toronto down to a bone-chilling “-13, feels like -22” degrees. (People in, say, Calgary would probably roll their eyes at this, but that makes no matter to me; -13 degrees is plenty to chill my bones, thank you very much.)

Featured Lyrics:

By a long forgotten feeling I believe
In the dream of a summer’s eve

*sigh*… a summer’s eve sounds very nice right now.

Full lyrics can be found here. Hope you’ve enjoyed it!


About botondballo

I am a recent graduate of the University of Toronto, with a degree in Computer Science. I currently work for Mozilla as a software engineer.
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4 Responses to Featured Song: Winter Winds

  1. I don’t think I knew any bands from Austria. Thanks for the share! And you’ve just reminded me of this song a friend of mine recommended me of Within Temptations which was catchy (but I forgot the name of the band that time…) so thanks for that as well!

  2. Ooh it was called “Angels”! That song was played on my friend’s computer when we were playing League and I’ve overheard it on the skype call haha…

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