Featured Song: Winter Winds

Today’s featured song is by Edenbridge, an Austrian symphonic metal band.

Edenbridge may not be as well known as Within Temptation or Nightwish, but they’re a true gem, and I’m really glad I stumbled onto them (I don’t remember exactly how; I think their songs “Shine” and “Wild Chase” were included in a compilation of some sort that I came across). Despite being a metal band, their songs have a peaceful, serene quality to them, which together with their signature guitar solos and Sabine Edelsbacher’s soothing vocals make a combination that really captivates me.

The song is “Winter Winds”, a timely choice for a day like today when said winds are cooling Toronto down to a bone-chilling “-13, feels like -22” degrees. (People in, say, Calgary would probably roll their eyes at this, but that makes no matter to me; -13 degrees is plenty to chill my bones, thank you very much.)

Featured Lyrics:

By a long forgotten feeling I believe
In the dream of a summer’s eve

*sigh*… a summer’s eve sounds very nice right now.

Full lyrics can be found here. Hope you’ve enjoyed it!


4 thoughts on “Featured Song: Winter Winds

  1. I don’t think I knew any bands from Austria. Thanks for the share! And you’ve just reminded me of this song a friend of mine recommended me of Within Temptations which was catchy (but I forgot the name of the band that time…) so thanks for that as well!

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