Featured Song: The Truth Beneath the Rose

Today I’m featuring, for the first time, a song by Within Temptation, one of my all-time favourite bands.

Within Temptation were my first foray into symphonic metal (I discovered them by seeing them mentioned in Evanescence fan forums), and to date I hold them to be one of the top bands in the genre. A very versatile band, they combine the soaring, angelic voice of their singer Sharon den Adel with the sweeping sound of a full orchestra (and often choir) to great effect.

I consider the pinnacle of Within Temptation’s work to be their 2007 album The Heart of Everything (their more recent albums, while still awesome, are a bit too “mainstream-sounding” for my taste). The song I’m featuring today is, in turn, my favourite from that album.

It’s a song of moral awakening, of self-doubt, of questioning the motivations and justifications you had taken for granted, and ultimately of hope and redemption. I give you, “The Truth Beneath the Rose”:

Featured Lyrics:

I’m hoping, I’m praying
I won’t get lost between two worlds
For all I’ve seen,
The truth lies in between

Give me the strength
To face the wrong that I have done
Now that I know
The darkest side of me

How can blood be our salvation
And justify the pain
That we have caused throughout the times
Will I learn what’s truly sacred?
Will I redeem my soul?
Will truth set me free?

Full lyrics are in the description of the video.

Enjoy, and may the truth set us all free!

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