Featured Song: And Then There Was Silence

It’s been almost four years since I’ve done a “Featured Song” post, but I thought I’d do one again, and start doing them regularly.

Today’s song is going to be a long one – a 14-minute epic by Blind Guardian that tells the story of the fall of Troy (more specifically, it recounts the visions of Cassandra, who is said to have to foreseen the fall). It’s called “And Then There Was Silence”, from the album A Night at the Opera.

It’s not easy writing a 14-minute song that keeps the listener engaged throughout, but Blind Guardian have managed it spectacularly, the masteful storytellers that they are.

My favourite part is the ending sequence, the chilling concluding lyrics (“Still the wind blows…”) and the cathartic instrumental outro. It’s worth turning up the volume as the outro fades out, there are some awesome passages towards the very end that you can barely make out otherwise.

Featured Lyrics:

Still the wind blows
Calm and silent
Carries news from a distant shore

Can’t get it out of my head

Sorrow and defeat

The full lyrics and some discussion about them can be found on SongMeanings.

Blind Guardian have re-recorded the song since its original release in 2002, but I personally prefer the original version.



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